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Lange Thermennacht Klecks & Klang

Be there up close when a work of art is created for you directly on the lagoon. You can also listen to the sounds of the piano - relaxing and inspiring.
A number of specials and special pampering ceremonies await you in the Vitaltherme & Sauna. Let yourself be surprised and captivated. Art, music and pure relaxation.

On 01. March 2024  

A special highlight are our artists, who you can watch live at work.You also have the opportunity to take part in group courses* and give free rein to your creativity.
In addition, the entire evening will be accompanied by music.

*Due to high demand, we reserve the right to limit participation in the workshops to a maximum of 20 guests. Registration possible on site.

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Live Painting at the Euskirchen Art School

17-21 Uhr

Relax in our large lagoon and watch live as a painting is created by the talented artists. While you relax and enjoy your time in the water, you can watch the artwork gradually take shape. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art. Together with the artist Alexander Diener Junior, you can paint your unique painting and take home a colorful souvenir.

Concert pianist Elena Kelzenberg

Chello und Piano Duo in der Therme
16:00 Uhr | 18:30 Uhr | 20:30 Uhr
Vitaltherme & Sauna

Relax in the warm water and enjoy the tranquil sounds of the piano. The concert pianist Elena Kelzenberg will delight you with special pieces - let yourself be enchanted.

Guitarist Fabian

Guitarist Fabian | Therme Euskirchen
18 Uhr | 19 Uhr | 21 Uhr

Enjoy the soothing sounds of Fabian's guitar and relax completely.

Special infusions on the day of the event

Vitaltherme & Sauna
all day long
Vitaltherme & Sauna

What awaits you in our Vitaltherme & sauna

African drums resound in the Celtic throne while colorful water is poured onto the sauna heater.

In the Taj Mahal, colourful healing chalk enchants, relieving tension, minimizing joint pain and ensuring radiant skin.

The popular "Kölsche Nacht" infusion is particularly colorful, accompanied by atmospheric music.

The "Piano Relax Infusion" brings peace and quiet to our Viennese coffee house sauna. Piano music plays in the background while impressive waving techniques accompany the infusion.

In our meditation sauna, the Auerliophone fascinates to deepen and promote meditation and ceremonies.