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Lange Thermennacht Creativ workshop

Now it's time to get creative! Design your own works of art right under the palm trees.

On 07. June 2024    

Discover the perfect combination of creativity and relaxation in our "creative workshop" at Therme Euskirchen. Design your own DIY projects and relax in between with a cocktail on a bubble lounger. Enjoy a perfect experience day full of creative impulses and wellness.

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Group painting course with the Euskirchen art school

14:00 | 18:00
Palmenparadies | Vitaltherme und Sauna

Create your own personal canvas under the professional guidance of our experienced artists from the Euskirchen Art School. As a small souvenir of the day, your work is sure to find a suitable place at home.

- 14:00 in the Palmenparadies
- 18:00 in the Vitaltherme and Sauna

Candle painting with Lisa

14:30 | 15:00

With the help of wax crayons, you can create a truly unique piece from a simple stick candle. Also ideal as a gift from paradise.

- 14:30 in the Palmenparadies
- 15:00 in the Palmenparadies

Making bead bracelets with the Vier.Jahreszeiten.Plott

16:00| 18:00
Palmenparadies | Vitaltherme und Sauna

Here you will have the opportunity to customise small bead bracelets. Our experts from Vier.Jahreszeiten.Plott will be on hand to help and answer any questions.

- 16:00 in the Palmenparadies
- 18:00 in the Vitaltherme and sauna

Live music with Fabian

17:00 | 19:00 | 21:00
Palmenparadies | Vitaltherme und Sauna

The relaxing guitar sounds of Fabian create a pleasant atmosphere and inspire creativity.

- 17:00 in the Vitaltherme und Sauna
- 19:00 in the Palmenparadies
- 21:00 in the Palmenparadies

Macramé key ring with Alexandra

17:30 | 20:00
Palmenparadies | Vitaltherme und Sauna

The knotting technique is all the rage. On our Long Spa Night you can easily make your own key ring under palm trees.

- 17:30 in the Palmenparadies
- 20:00 in the Vitaltherme and sauna

Bracelet plotting with Vier.Jahreszeiten.Plott

19:30 | 20:00

Create memories under palm trees with a personal touch. With the help of our plotter experts, you can design unique bracelets for yourself or as a gift.

- 19:30 in the Palmenparadies
- 20:00 in the Palmenparadies