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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

You still have any questions? Under FAQs you will find answers to frequently asked questions. In case one of your concerns is not answered, we are also available by telephone under 02251 - 1485 0. We are looking forward to your call.

In the entrance hall of the Therme Euskirchen there is the Kaulberg Badeshop with a large collection of swim wear for the whole family. Among other things you can also buy towels, bathrobes, bath shoes as well as water wings in this shop.

Opening hours Kaulberg Badeshop:

  • Mon.-Fri: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Sat./Sun./holidays: 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

After entrance at the cash desk you can move inside the Therme (restaurants, transfer to other areas, time extension, etc.) without to carry cash money with you. All expenses are booked on your transponder and are paid at leaving our house via the cash desk.
In case of loss of the transponder, an amount of 45.00 € is to be paid until the transponder has been found. Then the total amount will be reimbursed.

The following payment methods are possible at the cash desk:

  • Cash payment
  • EC-card
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, DINERS)
  • Gift vouchers of the Therme Euskirchen

Please observe that vouchers of the THERME ERDING, THERME Bad Wörishofen, THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM and the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD cannot be redeemed.

No, an announcement of your visit of the Therme is not necessary.

If you have lost something, please directly send us an E-mail to

For processing your request we need the following information:

  • exact date of loss
  • exact description of the objects lost (colour, size, other striking features)
  • Your contact data

All birthday children visiting us on their special day, will receive a gift from us in the form of a day entrance ticket* into the Palmenparadies or the Vitaltherme & Sauna.
Check in with a friend or a girl friend** into your South Sea holiday and enjoy an unforgettable birthday under palm trees.

*Free entrance is only redeemable on your birthday and cannot be combined with other campaigns. Please keep your identity card ready.
**Birthday children only get free entrance in the company of at least one accompanying person. The accompanying person(s) must fully pay an hourly or daily rate.

The Therme Euskirchen offers special conditions for groups from 20 persons. You can also enjoy your bachelorette party completely relaxed and far away from the traditional hustle and bustle of wedding preparations. More information is found here.

Vouchers are available in our Online-Shop or on the spot at the entrance desk. Please understand that orders for vouchers cannot be accepted by telephone.

Bathing towels, cosy blankets, bathrobes as well as sauna kilts for ladies and gentlemen can be rented at the cash desks against a fee for the duration of your stay. Furthermore you have the possibility of buying these bathing and sauna textiles at our in-house shop.

Rental fee:

  • Bathing towel: 2.00 € per day plus 20.00 € deposit
  • Sauna kilt: 3.00 € per day plus 30.00 € deposit
  • Bathrobe: 5.00 € per day plus 40.00 € deposit
  • Cosy blanket: 4.00 € per day plus 30.00 € deposit

Access to the Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme & Sauna is permitted Sunday to Friday from the age of 16. On family days, each Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. access to the Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme & Sauna is also allowed for children and youngsters under the age of 16. Furthermore babies and small children up to and including the age of 3 years are exempted from this regulation and are allowed to daily free entrance into the Palmenparadies and the Sportbad (except textile-free thermal bath nights, when from 6:00 p.m. access is only allowed from the age of 16).

For a relaxed stay we recommend you, to reserve your preferred date in advance by phone. You can reach our beauty parlour MassagePerle from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. under 02251 - 1485 350.
The massage and beauty programme of the MassagePerle is found here.

The Therme Euskirchen offers wide passage ways, generously dimensioned changing rooms and showers suitable for wheelchairs. The Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme & Sauna can easily be accessed by people with a walking impediment or wheelchair users. Please observe that a pool lift is currently only available in the Sportbad. Guests with a disability certificate with indication "B" can bring one accompanying person (at least 18 years old) with them for free.

The Therme Euskirchen provides our guests with sufficient free parking space. In general only our guests are allowed to use these parking lots. Unauthorized vehicles parked on our parking space will, if necessary, be towed away at the owner's expense. On all parking spaces of the Therme Euskirchen the StVo (German road traffic regulations) are applicable. For mobile homes there are free parking lots – however, only in connection with a visit of the Therme – without power connection and disposal facilities.

The Therme Euskirchen provides for a smoking lounge in the Palmenparadies, adjacent to the restaurant Ilha de Gostso. Also the Vitaltherme & Sauna offers you a smoking lounge. It is correspondingly signposted.

Wearing of swimwear is not allowed in the saunas and the pools of the Vitaltherme.
Outside of the saunas or pools wearing of a bathrobe, towel or sauna kilt is much wished for. In the gastronomy area wearing of a bathrobe, or similar, is obligatory.

The average air temperature in the Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme & Sauna is at approx. 34 °C.

Water temperatures:

  • Big Lagoon in the Palmenparadies: approx. 33 °C
  • Quellen der Gesundheit: approx. 33 °C
  • Blue Lagoon in the Vitaltherme & Sauna: approx. 33 °C
  • Calla Calyx Shower: approx. 20 °C
  • Plunge pool: approx. 19 °C
  • Crystal water pool: approx. 24 °C
  • Relax-pool: approx. 33 °C
  • Swimmer's pool: approx. 28 °C
  • Learning pool: approx. 28 °C
  • Children's pool: approx. 33 °C

Temperatures in the saunas:

  • Apollon-Sauna: approx. 90° C
  • Holzstadl: approx. 90° C
  • Alhambra: approx. 80° C
  • Keltenthron: approx. 80° C
  • Koi-Sauna: approx. 80° C
  • Meditation-Sauna: approx. 60° C
  • TajMahal: approx. 70° C
  • Tropen-Sauna: approx. 70° C
  • Wiener Kaffeehaus: approx. 70° C
  • Kino-Sauna: approx. 60° C
  • Steam bath Auennebel (textile-free) in the Vitaltherme & Sauna: approx. 45° C
  • Textile steam bath Eifel-Nebel in the Palmenparadies: approx. 45° C

We recommend you our partner hotels in the vicinity of the Thermen & Badewelt Euskirchen offering attractive arrangements with the entrance into our holiday paradise included. A summary of all hotel offers is found here.

At the entrance of the changing room areas safe deposit boxes are available. You need 1 € coins for the safe deposit boxes. We recommend you to put all valuables into a safe deposit box.