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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

In our FAQs you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If a request remains unanswered, we will be happy to help you by phone on +49 2251 - 14850 as well as via Facebook, Instagram or our live chat on the website.

For all questions and concerns on site, please contact our guest service and the guest attendants.

In the entrance hall of the Therme Euskirchen there is the Kaulberg Badeshop with a large collection of swim wear for the whole family. Among other things you can also buy towels, bathrobes, bath shoes as well as water wings in this shop.

Opening hours Kaulberg Badeshop:

  • Monday to friday: 10 am until 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, sunday and holiday: 09:30 am until 6:30 pm

Break from 2 pm until 2:30 pm

All expenses are booked on your transponder and are paid at leaving our house via the cash desk. In case of loss of the transponder, an amount of 45.00 € is to be paid until the transponder has been found. Then the total amount will be reimbursed.

When leaving the bath, we ask you to pay contactless if possible. The following options are available to you on site:

  • EC card
  • Credit card
  • Thermencard pr Premiumcard (Your personal member card of Therme Euskirchen)

Please take note that your stay at the Therme Euskirchen is only guaranteed after booking an entrance ticket online. By limiting the number of guests we can ensure that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest with enough space.

The best thing to do is to register in our MyParadise, then you can book your visit to Therme Euskirchen quickly and easily, even at short notice.

A spontaneous visit without pre-booking is unfortunately not possible at the moment. Please also note that the entrance tickets can only be redeemed on the booked day and are excluded from exchange/revocation.

Should you not be able to visit us on your selected date, you have the possibility of a rebooking. To do so, please make a new booking and enter the ticket code (found next to the QR code) of your already received tickets in the field provided in the shopping cart before completing the ordering process. The ticket value will be fully offset against your order and a rebooking will be made automatically.

You have the possibility to easily change your ticket booking to a new date. You can find instructions on how to rebook your ticket here.

If you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail at Our team is working at full speed to answer you as soon as possible. However, we ask for a little patience in advance.

If you have lost something, please directly send us an E-mail to

For processing your request we need the following information:

  • exact date of loss
  • exact description of the objects lost (colour, size, other striking features)
  • Your contact data

If you enjoy your birthday with us under the palm trees, you will receive a glass of Peosecco for yourself and your companion! We will give you a Prosecco voucher to redeem at the pool bars in the Palm Paradise or the Vitaltherme & Sauna on your special day.

Our little guests receive an ice cream surprise and a rubber duck.

The offer is only valid for a visit on your birthday and on presentation of a photo ID.

Due to the current situation we unfortunately cannot offer our special offers for groups at the moment. More information is found here.

Vouchers are available in our Online-Shop or on the spot at the entrance desk. Please understand that orders for vouchers cannot be accepted by telephone.

You are welcome to use our rental linen offer on site again:

  • Bathrobe: 7 Euro
  • Sauna kilt: 5 Euro
  • Blanket: 8 Euro
  • Sauna towel: 4 Euro

Access to the Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme & Sauna is permitted Sunday to Friday from the age of 16. On Saturdays, children and young people under the age of 16 are also welcome to vistit our Palmenparadies. In addition, babies and toddlers up to and including the age of 3 are exempt from this regulation and can visit the Palmenparadies and the sports pool free of charge every day.

From 16 years, infants up to and including 3 years free.
Saturdays are family day (no age restriction, from 9am - midnight).

During school holidays* (NRW & RLP) families (admission from 0 years) can visit our Palm Paradise daily. Please note that you book your entrance online in advance.

*except for the winter vacations!

Our Massage Oase team is looking forward to your reservation!

You can book here.

The Therme Euskirchen offers wide passage ways, generously dimensioned changing rooms and showers suitable for wheelchairs. The Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme & Sauna can easily be accessed by people with a walking impediment or wheelchair users. Please observe that a pool lift is currently only available in the Sportbad.

We offer guests with a "B" in their ID card free admission for an accompanying person*.

As usual, an online reservation is required in advance.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Registration of the holder of the disabled ID in our guest area MyParadise (if you already have a customer account here, this step is omitted).

Please send us a copy of your handicap ID (incl. marking "B") by e-mail to
Our team will check your ID and adjust your customer account accordingly.
After approval by our staff, now make a reservation via our online store (specify all persons) - 1 accompanying person will then automatically be listed in your shopping cart free of charge.

*Please note that if admission is already free for young children with a handicap, the accompanying person will be charged.

The Therme Euskirchen provides our guests with sufficient free parking space. In general only our guests are allowed to use these parking lots. Unauthorized vehicles parked on our parking space will, if necessary, be towed away at the owner's expense. On all parking spaces of the Therme Euskirchen the StVo (German road traffic regulations) are applicable. For mobile homes there are free parking lots – however, only in connection with a visit of the Therme – without power connection and disposal facilities.

The Therme Euskirchen provides for a smoking lounge in the Palmenparadies, adjacent to the restaurant Ilha de Gostso. Also the Vitaltherme & Sauna offers you a smoking lounge. It is correspondingly signposted.

Wearing of swimwear is not allowed in the saunas and the pools of the Vitaltherme. Outside of the saunas or pools wearing of a bathrobe, towel or sauna kilt is much wished for. In the gastronomy area wearing of a bathrobe, or similar, is obligatory.

The average air temperature in the Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme & Sauna is at approx. 34 °C.

Water temperatures:

  • Big Lagoon in the Palmenparadies: approx. 33 °C
  • Quellen der Gesundheit: approx. 33 °C
  • Blue Lagoon in the Vitaltherme & Sauna: approx. 33 °C
  • Calla Calyx Shower: approx. 20 °C
  • Plunge pool: approx. 19 °C
  • Crystal water pool: approx. 24 °C
  • Relax-pool: approx. 33 °C
  • Swimmer's pool: approx. 28 °C
  • Learning pool: approx. 28 °C
  • Children's pool: approx. 33 °C

Temperatures in the saunas:

  • Apollon-Sauna: approx. 90° C
  • Holzstadl: approx. 90° C
  • Alhambra: approx. 80° C
  • Keltenthron: approx. 80° C
  • Koi-Sauna: approx. 80° C
  • Meditation-Sauna: approx. 60° C
  • TajMahal: approx. 70° C
  • Tropen-Sauna: approx. 70° C
  • Wiener Kaffeehaus: approx. 70° C
  • Kino-Sauna: approx. 60° C
  • Steam bath Auennebel (textile-free) in the Vitaltherme & Sauna: approx. 45° C
  • Textile steam bath Eifel-Nebel in the Palmenparadies: approx. 45° C

We recommend you our partner hotels in the vicinity of the Therme Euskirchen offering attractive arrangements with the entrance into our holiday paradise included. A summary of all hotel offers is found here.

At the entrance of the changing room areas safe deposit boxes are available. You need 1 € coins for the safe deposit boxes. We recommend you to put all valuables into a safe deposit box.

In order to guarantee all guests a quiet and relaxed stay under palm trees, we ask you to consider the following:

The use of mobile phones and cameras is permitted...

  • on the sunbathing areas in the palm paradise
  • on the thermal beach "Paradise Beach"
  • for listening to music with headphones
  • to hold on to souvenir photos of you and your loved ones - without third persons being shown

The use of mobile phones and cameras is not permitted...

in the entire Vitaltherme & Sauna (without swimwear)

  • afloat
  • at the pool bars
  • in the sanitary areas
  • if you take pictures of other people (guests or employees)
  • to record video and audio files
  • for making a phone call
  • to listen to music (without headphones)
  • during the "Long Sauna Nights" (without swimwear)

You are welcome to take a souvenir photo with your mobile phone or camera in the Palmenparadies as well as on the thermal beach "Paradise Beach". Please make sure that only you and no third persons are shown in the photo. We would be happy if you share your souvenir photo with the hashtag #thermeeuskirchen on Instagram or Facebook.

You have the option of booking a fixed berth for your visit. This berth is reserved for you for the entire duration of your visit. You can select your private berth individually during the booking process. Alternatively, an automatic assignment will be made.

When booking your admission ticket via the online-shop, select your desired seat or lounger type in the Palmenparadies or Vitaltherme & Sauna. Here are some examples of options available:

Single lounger
Double lounger (max. 2 persons)
Relaxation shell (max. 2 persons)
Relaxation islands (max. 2 persons)
Suites (max. 2 persons)
Aqua lounge (max. 2 persons)

A berth is not a mandatory requirement for a visit to Therme Euskirchen. Of course, admission can also be booked without a fixed berth. Free loungers are available on site for your rest periods in a designated area. Please note, however, that the right to this lounger expires as soon as you leave the lounger. Our staff regularly vacate unused loungers in these areas.

It is not allowed to bring food and drinks (except for mineral water in PET bottles). Our restaurants & bars offer a wide range of food and beverages.

Changing babies and toddlers is only permitted in the changing rooms with changing tables. Use our specially equipped shower changing rooms.

Preparation: Shower first and dry off well afterwards, as dry skin sweats faster.

  • Vitaltherme & sauna can be used without bathing clothes. A sauna kilt can be worn in the saunas or a towel can be put around the body. Outside the saunas, please wear a bathrobe or towel around your body.
  • In saunas, please place a sheet under the whole body. We recommend beginners to start with a 60° C warm sauna.
  • We recommend cooling off in the fresh air in the Vitalgarten after the sauna session. Afterwards a refreshing shower with cool water, starting at the feet and continuing upwards.
  • A warm footbath helps to balance the temperature of the body and to avoid post-sweating.
  • Please listen to your body and your well-being and allow yourself sufficient rest. We recommend up to three sauna sessions with rest periods of about 60 minutes between each session.
  • Since the body loses a lot of fluid in the sauna, it is important to drink enough fluid after and between sauna sessions.
  • Relaxation also means peace and quiet in the saunas, especially during the infusions. We would like to ask you not to disturb this silence (exception are the show infusions).


All vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue (until the end of the 3rd year).

Vouchers from 2019 can be redeemed until 30.06.2024. We have extended vouchers from 2020 until 31.12.2024 for you.