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Vitaltherme und Sauna

Exceptional sauna worlds

Step into our stylish sauna world, which welcomes you with its openness and unique atmosphere. Experience intense moments of pure well-being. Let go. Recharge your batteries. Take a deep breath. Escape from everyday life. Whether magic of antiquity, the way to the Orient, a mystical journey, greetings from the Far East, massive natural stone or the rustic forge fireplace - embark on a very special wellness relaxation journey. Our sauna worlds will give you that warm feeling of well-being.

Ten individual themed saunas, a variety of infusions and ceremonies, the impressive Calla flower shower, the invigorating ice fountain, various oases of peace and comfortable loungers as well as the 33 degrees Celsius warm Blue Lagoon await you inside and outside. Let the magic of distant worlds and cultures work its magic on you and relax with all your senses. Body, mind and soul in harmony.


Sauna Attractions

Interior view of the Apollon-Sauna


Welcome to the antique temple of Apollon. Here the Greek God of the Light welcomes you in the middle of the ionic circular column arrangement. The breath-free infusion with pure menthol crystals takes you to the Olympus of delights.

Koi-Sauna mit Blick in den Vitalgarten


Follow the smooth movements of the Japanese koi-carps and feel the healing effect of infusions celebrated in Far-Eastern style. Traditional fan infusions bring the fascinating sauna culture from Far East close to you.

Interior view of the tropical sauna


Welcome in the tropics! Watch the hustle and bustle of the colourful swarm of birds in the integrated aviary. Listen to the sounds, breath sweet, fruity fragrances and enjoy popular infusions, e.g. tropical aloe or ladies only.

Singing bowls


Relax in the middle of a bamboo grove! The large panorama window offers a view over the Vitalgarten and the Blue Lagoon. Calming meditation music and natural aromas e.g. YlangYlang provide for deep relaxation. Enjoy the singing bowl ceremonies as well as fantasy and body journeys.

Interior view of the Alhambra


Experience intensive moments of pure wellbeing in the Spanish palace! The Alhambra designed in the Moorisch-Oriental style carries you away into the South. The popular infusion honey blossom caresses skin and soul.

Wenik-infusion in the Holzstadl


Here it is getting really hot! Around the rustic blacksmith's fireplace the classic Wenik-infusion or various natural brews, e.g. freshly prepared lavender or rosemary.

Interior view of the Keltenthron-Sauna


Disvover the world of the mighty and strong Celts! Heavy sweating is worked up on the majestic Celtic throne "Keltenthron" between gigantic natural stone blocks. A daily highlight is the Cologne Night, a classic infusion with catchy songs from Cologne.

Infusion ceremony in the TajMahal

Taj Mahal

Let you be carried away to India and experience dream stories to bring body and mind into harmony. Feel inner balance and deep relaxation.

nterior view of the Wiener Kaffeehaus

Wiener Kaffeehaus

Please enter the traditional Viennese art nouveau coffee house and feel like in a real coffee roasting house. The classic chocoholic infusion with regeneration effect for your skin and the innovative infusions Piano Silence and Rock Me Amadeus are balm for skin and ears.

Documentary film in the Kino-Sauna

Kino Sauna

What an experience! Enjoy this unique sauna experience and marvel at wonderful nature and documentary films on a 62 sq m cinema screen; a unique sauna highlight.

Woman in the steam bath

Steam bath Auennebel

A real health and beauty tip! In the steam bath Auennebel you strengthen your body powers and wellbeing of body and mind.



Preparation: Shower first and then dry off well, as dry skin sweats faster.


  • Vitaltherme & sauna are to be used without swimwear. You are welcome to wear a sauna kilt in the saunas or wrap a towel around your body. Outside the saunas, please wear a bathrobe or wrap a towel around your body.
  • In the saunas, please place a towel under your whole body. We recommend that sauna beginners start with a 60° C sauna.
  • After the sauna session, we recommend cooling off in the fresh air in the vitality garden. Then take a refreshing shower with cool water, starting at the feet and working upwards.
  • A warm footbath helps to balance the body temperature and prevent perspiration.
  • Please listen to your body and your well-being and allow yourself sufficient rest. We recommend up to three sauna sessions with rest periods of approx. 60 minutes between each session.
  • As the body loses a lot of fluid in the sauna, it is important to drink plenty of fluids after and between sauna sessions.
  • Relaxation also means rest in the saunas, especially during the infusions. We would ask you not to disturb this peace and quiet (with the exception of the show infusions).
Opening hours
From 16 years, no bathing clothes admitted
10:00 - 23:00 o'clock
10:00 - 23:00 o'clock
Man and woman in a relax shell

Wellness experiences

Relax in the lagoon or enjoy your time out in the Vitaltherme. Let your spirit flow in on of our relax shells under palm trees.

Palmenparadies at night


Experience the Caribbean joy of life and the beauty of the South Sea in our holiday paradise under palm trees. Gain power & energy.



Discover the Vitaltherme & Sauna and join us on a wellness journey through a tropical paradise. Ten stylish, creative and unusual sauna worlds and the textile-free steam bath set new standards for saunas. The infusion and wellness program with more than 60 daily activities is also included in the Vitaltherme admission price.

There is so much to discover - be it the ancient temple of Apollo, the Koi sauna with ceremonies from the Far East, the tropical sauna with bird aviary, the meditation sauna with popular singing bowl ceremony, the Alhambra with honey infusion, the rustic Holzstadl with forge fireplace and classic Wenik infusion or the Celtic throne between gigantic blocks of natural stone. Or a trip to the Taj Mahal, the cinema sauna with a unique movie experience or the Viennese coffee house with the classic chocolateholic infusion. The soothing warmth of the sauna worlds is followed by a refreshing cool-down under the impressive calla blossom shower, in the crystal water pool or in the plunge pool.