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Pure holiday feeling

Relaxing in turquoise blue lagoons, enjoying refreshing cocktails at the pool bar and letting your soul dangle under palm trees - that's how beautiful time out in the South Seas can be. Over 500 palm trees, crystal clear water, the scents and sounds at an air temperature of 32 degrees take you away to a faraway world. The palm paradise is your oasis of well-being. Fill up with power and energy. Let yourself be captured by the magic of this paradise and find your place of well-being.

Experience pure relaxation on the bubble lounger or in the whirlpool and use our water experiences, the vitalizing sources of health as a benefit for body and soul. Additional wellness-experiences take you away from your everyday life.

New: Beach Club at Paradise Beach

While the ice cubes in the glass of your drink slowly melt, stroll over to the new outdoor sauna with its large panoramic front. Here, too, the light natural wood combines with the radiant white. So carefree, full of lightness.

Refresh yourself in the new infinity pool with a view of the natural lake or in the relaxation pool. While sunbathing, the South Sea palms provide shade and rustle gently when the fresh holiday breeze blows. Experience this special spirit of spa and beach club - a summer holiday without the stress of flying. Find out more!


From 16 years, infants up to 3 years free.
Saturdays are family Saturdays (no age limit).


Give a gift voucher

Whether you want to relax in the palm paradise or spend some feel-good time in the Vitaltherme & Sauna - with our vouchers you can give the gift of an unforgettable time-out in the Therme Euskirchen.



Palmenparadies of the Thermen & Badewelt Euskirchen

Water experiences

Discover the impressive big lagoon and relax in the sources of health with valuable minerals. Experience pure South Sea feeling.

Man and woman in the relax shell

Wellness experiences

Let your mind flow in the thermal bath garden, on the deluxe loungers and in the relax shells of the tropical Palmenparadies; relaxation to the full.


Massage Oase

Let yourself be pampered in our spa by soothing massages that bring body and mind into harmony. The paradisiacal surroundings round off your special time out in the massage oasis. Take a deep breath and let go.

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Opening hours
Access from 16 years, children up to 3 years incl
09:00 - 23:59 o'clock
Family Day (No age limit)
09:00 - 23:00 o'clock
Aerial view of the Thermen & Badewelt Euskirchen with view of the Palmenparadies

Therme Euskirchen

Immerse into the holiday paradise under palm trees. Experience the Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme and Sauna, your wellness oasis of the extra class. We provide for your recreation, relaxation and paradisiacal time out from everyday life. Welcome to the tropical holiday world in front of the gates of Cologne and Bonn.