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New immersive experience room at Therme Euskirchen

In our new "Immersive Sky" experience room, you can immerse yourself in a new and fascinating world.
Let yourself be whisked away on a 24-minute journey into the heart of a natural phenomenon that has rarely been seen before. Experience the wondrous connection between the mighty kapok tree "Lupuna", the giant tree of the rainforest, and the unique queen of the night that grows high in its branches.
Drawn into the world of the Amazon region, you immerse yourself completely in the beauty and untouched nature.
Sounds, scents, water, movement and powerful images take you into the powerful rainforest with all its intensity and naturalness.
This immersive wellness experience allows you to connect with nature in a unique way and focus your mind on the details in the scene - and lead your thoughts into stillness. This simultaneously supports concentration and helps to take the mind, body and soul on a whole new, immersive kind of meditation journey.
Listen deeply into yourself and strengthen your inner center.


The Immersive Sky can be reserved exclusively via our new BLUPHORIA app

What you can experience in our Immersive Sky

Forest Bathing "Lupuna"

The immersive nature experience takes you on a journey into the heart of a natural spectacle.
It shows the wondrous relationship between two special plants - the towering kapok tree "Lupuna" and the Queen of the Night, who grows high in its branches.
Forest bathing is a conscious immersion in the forest atmosphere, in the visually stunning natural phenomenon. This unique interplay of technology, art and nature gives you a completely new form of wellbeing, of good feelings on all levels that you can experience with your senses.

The 24-minute production guides you through a visual narrative that divides a 24-hour stay in the Amazon region into 5-minute segments.

In three consecutive scenes, you will experience the forest in its most intense natural state:

Awakening: Lying here and dreaming into the sky is an open-eyed meditation that extends to what lies beyond the canopy of leaves. Your body roots itself to the forest floor as your vision tunes in to the gentle rays of sunlight filtering through the leaf canopy. The rhythm of awakening gently vies for your attention. Dawn colors the path into the tree. The kapok stands here like a beacon, a signpost to other worlds. The dance of its floating leaves also welcomes your floating.

Ascension: The sweetness of the air is not accidental, and the mist that envelops the forest chooses its purposeful, intuitive flow. The ecosystem vibrates in this way to support everything here. Ascending into the trees follows the path of these invisible connections, settling into the vapors of atmospheric rise and release.
At night, the sound of the wind brushing through the leaves is different. A slow rustling echoes with an increasingly distant rumble manifesting from the roots of the tree. It is the beating of a drum, the plucking of a guitar string, beckoning the nocturnal creatures to come forward and explore the dampness and faint light
It is also a call to you to truly see your world and understand that the world is beyond the limits of human perception and further than the limits of what the eyes can see.

Becoming: The kapok tree and the queen of the night live harmoniously in the Amazon forest. Hidden in the green depths of twilight, the seductive unveiling of the queen begins. The nuances that remain hidden during the day and in the distance come to the fore and you witness the nocturnal courtship of this flower. A splendor that unfolds only for those who are close enough to see the wondrous spectacle.
For the pollinators of the night, this dance is an esoteric invitation. The flower calls out to them to feast their eyes on it before it withdraws and withers forever.
The Queen of the Night deserves her title as the midnight flower, reigning over the sultry, eventful darkness and exuding the fragrance of her blossom even at dawn.
A perfect natural spectacle that you are so close to.
In the Immersive Sky, you can experience the vibrancy of untouched nature. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the rainforest with all its power and intensity.
As you float in the water, you become part of this unique atmosphere and enjoy the beauty and strength of nature - exclusively in the new Immersive Sky at Therme Euskirchen.

Creation of the Immersive Sky at Therme Euskirchen

Together with the artist collective Marshmallow Laser Feast from London & the designers of TheLoveTriangle, a unique and breathtaking experience was created: Forest Bathing "Lupuna".

It all started with the question of what the Therme of the future will look like. As an innovation driver and leader, we work tirelessly to offer our guests optimal and future-oriented experiences. People's needs are changing and are in a state of flux. Accordingly, the Thermengruppe Josef Wund also has the courage to change and relies on the latest and most modern standards in all areas.

We not only want to set new standards, but also underpin this with a high level of commitment to improving the quality of life of our guests and the community. We create new things with innovative ideas using technologies and media that meet the needs.

After a variety of insights and research, an original idea emerged, which developed through project planning starting in March 2020 to the Immersive Sky that exists today.

Together with our strategic partner White Mirror, we set out to find the best and most qualified artists and designers in this field. With Marshmallow Laser Feast, we have an exceptional artist collective at our side, which brought a proven and outstanding partner for design into our project with The LoveTriangle.

Over many months, weeks and hours, we worked together with our partners in London to realize our vision. The result is not just an innovative wellbeing experience, but a unique and unprecedented artistic masterpiece with Forest Bathing "Lupuna". A work created through the symbiosis of state-of-the-art technologies, art & nature.

We firmly believe that with the Immersive Sky we are making a contribution to mental health care in the wellbeing sector - where immersive experiences can not only be captivating but also therapeutic.

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) is an experiential art collective, their work reinterprets the idea of human perception and experience. Employing a wealth of creative disciplines and underpinned by research, inviting participants to navigate with a sensory perception beyond the everyday.

In collaboration with artists, scientists, musicians, poets, programmers, engineers and many more makers, MLF has been leaving a slug trail of sensory experiences as they journey through the cosmos. Fusing architectural tools, contemporary imaging techniques and performance with tactile forms, they sculpt spaces that lay dormant until animated by playful investigation.

MLF has exhibited internationally, from London to New York, Melbourne to Seoul. Their works have been included in major exhibitions at institutions including; ACMI, Barbican Centre, YCAM, DDB Seoul, Sundance Film Festival, Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal, SXSW, Phi Centre and Lisbon Architectural Triennale. Their works have been featured in publications such as; the Guardian, New Scientist, Wired, Independent, Creative Review and more.

TheLoveTriangle is an interdisciplinary scenography and exhibition design collective, working integratively with experiential visual tools to create expansive experiences that ignite thought, spark conversation, and inspire action.

Through collective creativity in the fields of architecture, narrative design, industrial design, light design, and experiential visual and media design, TheLoveTriangle connects people, space, and content through dramaturgy and storytelling.
Our creations cater to a multitude of audiences and formats, encompassing architectural and scenographic projects for cultural institutions, expansive installations, and brand experiences, among others. We create environments that speak to a diverse range of age groups, backgrounds, interests, and cultures.

White Mirror is an award-winning wellness innovation consultancy. Together with their research lab, they use sensory science and transformative technologies to develop impactful solutions and approaches to improve wellbeing within our society.

Their mission is to transform and customize human experiences through experiences. White Mirror brings together scientists, designers, artists, technologists and innovators. Together they explore all aspects of human sensory perception to develop research-based solutions to collective human problems. The range of services includes strategic consulting activities, product development in the form of immersive wellbeing experiences and research in the company's own laboratory. Holistically according to the motto: Wellbeing is evolving. So we should too.

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