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Textile wellness due to revision work

17.06. - 21.06.2024

Due to construction activities in the Große Lagune in the Palmenparadies, we have decided to partially remove the separation of the Palmenparadies and Vitaltherme areas for these days. 7 of our 11 saunas may be used in textile during this time. The following saunas are being used in bathing clothes: As usual, our beach sauna in the Palmenparadies and additonally the Callablüten Shower, the Blue Lagoon in the Vitaltherme & Sauna and all saunas, which are placed in the sauna carousel.This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who likes to enjoy a sauna in company but still appreciates a little more privacy. Sauna newcomers and guests who are not entirely comfortable in traditional sauna situations can also discover the beneficial effects of sauna wellness here.

The other four themed saunas are still reserved exclusively for our textile-free guests. You can look forward to the usual extensive range of ceremonies and activities in this area. We will also be offering new ceremonies for beginners in the textile wellness.


Work is being carried out here

Due to maintenance work, the large lagoon with pool bar (indoor and outdoor) in the palm paradise cannot be used from 17 to 21 June. Alternatively, you can use the Vitaltherme and sauna areas.


How to find your way around the textile wellness area

Overview of textile wellness options

Kino sauna 70°C

This is a special experience. Enjoy this unique sauna experience and marvel at wonderful nature and documentary films on the 62 m² cinema screen. A unique sauna highlight.

Taj Mahal 70°C

Let yourself be whisked away on a journey to the Orient, to India, and experience dream stories that harmonise body and mind. Feel inner balance and deep relaxation.

Holzstadl 90°C

If you like it particularly hot, the Holzstadl is the right place for you. The classic Wenik infusion or various natural decoctions, such as oak, await you around the rustic forge fireplace. A powerful feel-good experience for all the senses.


Alhambra 80°C

Intense and powerful - experience pure moments of well-being in the palace of Spain! The Moorish, oriental-style Alhambra transports you to the south. The popular honey infusion caresses your skin and takes you gently and sweetly to the palace of Spain.

Keltenthron 80°C

On the sublime Celtic throne between gigantic blocks of natural stone, you will work up a mighty sweat. Mystical flag infusions and regular event infusions really heat things up here. Anyone who takes a seat on the throne feels like royalty.

Wiener Kaffeehaus 70°C

Welcome to the traditional Viennese Art Nouveau café. Feel like you're in a real coffee roastery. The classic Schokoholic infusion with regeneration effect is balm for your skin.

Textil Sauna in Palmenparadies

Beachsauna 65°C

The light-coloured natural wood invites you to relax while you enjoy the view over the beach from the large panoramic front.


Numerous water experiences are also available in the Vitaltherme and sauna from 17 - 21 June in swimwear.

Water experiences



We have come up with something special for this period:

During the ceremony, our guest advisors not only explain the infusion process, but also the specific properties of the oils brought along and the most important rules of behaviour. After the ceremony, refreshing cooling measures are also available to round off the sauna experience. These special days offer sauna novices in particular the opportunity to familiarise themselves with different fragrances and the basics of different types of infusions so that they can enjoy their sauna experience to the full.


Preparation: Drink plenty of water and shower thoroughly before going into the sauna.

Sauna time: Start with a 10-15 minute sauna session and adjust the duration if necessary.

Cooling down: Cool down after each sauna session, either under our calla lily shower or on the outdoor terrace.

Relaxation: Take a break to recuperate.

Repeat: Repeat the cycle as required.

Hydration: Drink enough water after the sauna.

Finish: Finish with a refreshing shower and dry off thoroughly.


When taking a textile sauna, you only wear swimwear such as a bikini or swimming trunks or alternatively a sauna kilt or towel in the sauna. Sauna kilts and towels can also be hired from us for a fee.

We are cancelling the separation of the Palmenparadies and the Vitaltherme and Sauna in the period from 17.06. - 21.06.2024.

7 of our 11 saunas will be in textile use from 17 June to 21 June: As usual, this is the beach sauna in the palmenparadise and will be extended to the saunas in the sauna rondel, the calla flower shower and the blue lagoon in the Vitaltherme & Sauna. The tropical sauna, the meditation sauna, the koi sauna, the Apollo sauna and the outdoor mist will continue to be textile-free.

17.6. to 21.6. we offer as a one-time option only the Palmenparadies rate, without additional costs for the use of the Vitaltherme and Sauna.

The textile sauna area is available to our guests aged til 3 to 16 and over.

This decision was made in order to be able to offer guests of the Palmenparadies a relaxing holiday despite the renovation work in the large lagoon. Our aim is to keep our paradise in the best possible condition at all times so that you can enjoy a flawless experience with us. The upcoming refurbishment works are part of this endeavour. Nevertheless, we want to ensure that no guest has to miss out on relaxation during this time. We have therefore decided to offer the option of using the Palmenparadies rate without paying the extra charge for the Vitaltherme & Sauna.

Only the large lagoon in the Palmenaradise is affected by the maintenance work. All other areas in the Palm Paradise can be used without restriction. Guests can continue to enjoy the health pools, the infrared cabins, the solarium, the Eifelnebel steam bath and the entire outdoor area, including Paradise Beach, the beach sauna and the outdoor pools on the beach. For an equally relaxing alternative to the Great Lagoon, there is the Blue Lagoon with its pool bar and the lovingly designed themed saunas in the Vitaltherme & Sauna.


In the interests of other guests, we ask that you use the 7 textile saunas in swimwear or with a sauna kilt during the promotional period. Sauna kilts can be hired from us for a fee.

When using the sauna in swimwear, we recommend entering the sauna with dry or slightly damp swimwear. Please always use a towel to sit on.

Textile saunas offer an enriching experience for all those who enjoy saunas in company but still appreciate a little more privacy. It is also an opportunity for sauna newcomers or guests who are not entirely comfortable in traditional sauna situations to discover the beneficial effects of saunas. We also offer special infusions for sauna beginners in our textile saunas.

You can cool off in our spacious outdoor areas and the Callablüten shower.

Textile saunas are just as hygienic as textile-free saunas if the rules of sauna bathing are observed. Above all, this includes using a towel to sit on. Sauna textiles such as towels create a barrier between the body and the surfaces. This means that sweat is absorbed by the textiles and does not get onto the wood. This ensures a hygienic environment for subsequent guests.