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steam bath Auennebel

Frau im Dampfbad

steam bath "Auennebel"

Close your eyes and imagine how the mist lies over the meadows early in the morning and the forest slowly comes to life. You can feel nature, the ideal time to recharge your batteries for the day.
In our Auennebel steam bath, you can recharge your batteries and it feels just like that. Completely connected with nature, in balance with body and soul.
The gentle circulatory temperature of around 45 °C and 100% humidity provide relief from muscle and joint complaints thanks to the pleasant warmth. The moist heat promotes the healing of respiratory diseases. It cleanses the skin deep into the pores. The outdoor mist is a real health and beauty insider tip!


wellness experiences

Let yourself be pampered by natural aromas, an exclusive ambience and a variety of ceremonies. This is what holistic relaxation feels like.

Frau im Dampfbad

Exclusive steam bath ceremonies

Experience a special feel-good day with us and enjoy the exclusive steam bath sessions that we have put together for you this season. The ceremonies in the Auennebel are the perfect addition to your wellness program. Experience something special with us, that extra bit of relaxation.