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Keltenthron - 80° C Sauna

Innenansicht Keltenthron-Sauna

On the sublime Celtic throne between gigantic blocks of natural stone, you will work up a mighty sweat. Mystical flag infusions and regular event infusions really heat things up here. Anyone who takes a seat on the throne feels like royalty. It is a majestic and really hot feeling to recharge your batteries in the tent-like sauna. The balcony, which promises a direct route out of the 80° C heat, allows you to cool down in between. The Celtic throne - fascinating and impressively powerful. A place as a source of strength.


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Experience an extraordinary sauna culture in a class of its own and let yourself be pampered by our exclusive infusions and ceremonies!

Infusion: "Fahnenwind"

The epic sounds resound and the flag waves. The flag wind infusion takes place daily in the Celtic throne. A classic infusion over three rounds, lasting approx. 10 to 12 minutes. The fragrances vary, but are always natural infusion decoctions that we prepare freshly for you. After the 2nd round, you have the option of cooling down or you can also enjoy the 3rd hotter round. Sweat well!

Event infusion: "Kölsche Nacht"

This show infusion has become a local event. On our Long Spa Night, every 1st Friday of the month, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays, Cologne music is played in the Keltenthron. There are already many "fans" who come to the spa especially for this. Mood music from Cologne is played during the infusion and guests sway, clap and sing along. And at the end, everyone gets a fresh beer (non-alcoholic).

Frauen in der Sauna

Welcome to the Keltenthron

Let yourself be pampered by natural aromas, an exclusive ambience and a variety of ceremonies. This is what holistic relaxation feels like.