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Massage Oase: Applications and prices

Classical massages

Partial & Full Body Massage

Healing partial or full body massage. The flowing movements make tensions disappear and dissolve blockages. Relax when the energy flows again. Speed and pressure are always individually adapted to the person, the moment and the body.

  • approx. 30 minutes: 55 € (partial body massage)
  • approx. 55 minutes: 95 € (full body massage)


Neck Massage

The targeted heat treatment at the beginning is as pleasant as it is intensive. Tensions are released and the blood circulation
promoted. The approximately 45-minute neck massage with hands and arms develops its full effect. Finally, you will be applied an effective heat or cold gel, as desired.

  • approx. 30 minutes: 55 €


Honey Massage

The honey and plucking massage is a holistic natural healing method which is used therapeutically and for detoxification. The entire back area up to the shoulder girdle is treated and the cells are detoxified. Adhesions of the fasciae loosen. The honey develops its natural effect as an antiseptic, vitamin donor and healing accelerator. Clean and soft skin is a welcome side effect.

  • approx. 30 minutes: 55 €
  • approx. 55 minutes: 95€ (inkl. Facial treatment)


Ayurvedic massages

Ayurveda is the millennium old, Far Eastern art of healing - the doctrine of long and healthy life. A balanced synergy of body, mind and soul characterises our whole life. If these elements get out of balance, discomfort and illness will result. The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of the healthy and to cure the illness of the sick. Ayurveda massages serve to maintain health and prevent illnesses, while at the same time they increase life energy and inner joy. Touches from the art of Ayurveda healing are as essential as the intake of valuable vitamins, minerals, fresh air and movement.

For our Ayurvedic massages we use vegan, perfume-free and preservative-free massage oil, which is extracted from natural silicon quartz sand. Through a special manufacturing process our product achieves the highest degree of purity. It has a positive influence on cell metabolism, has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the development of connective tissue. Thanks to its properties and neutrality, we additionally awaken a further sensory perception and use fragrances made of pure essential oils.

Foot Massage "Padabhyanga"

The Ayurvedic foot massage. Reflex points and pressure point massage have a vitalising effect on the balls of feet, heel and toes, along the legs up to the knees. This massage provides pleasant relaxation, strengthens the organism and creates a feeling of lightness. It is also suitable for pregnant women.

  • approx. 30 minutes: 55 €


Full Body Massage "Abhyanga"

The queen of Ayurvedic full body massages is an extremely beneficial oil massage for harmonising the body energies, the Doshas. You lie on your back and the body is massaged from below. Tummy, legs and feet are also optimally treated. Breathing is free and you can let yourself fall completely, as if carried by waves. This massage is also suitable for pregnant women.

  • approx. 55 minutes: 95 €


Shiro Massage "Shoro-Mukabyanga"

This Ayurvedic shoulder-neck-head-face massage releases tension in the scalp, face, neck and shoulders. It is also suitable for the treatment of headaches and has a positive influence on your body, mind and soul in addition to its rejuvenating effect. Experience inner peace, lightness and deepest relaxation. This massage is also suitable for pregnant women.

  • approx. 30 minutes: 55€


Hawaiian massages

Hot Stone

Hot Stone massage combines warm volcanic stones with high quality oil and professional massage grips. The precious power of heat achieves deep physical and mental relaxation. During this full body massage, blood circulation is stimulated so that all cells can be better supplied with oxygen and other nutrients.

  • approx. 55 minutes 95 €



The Lomi-Lomi-Nui massage technique focuses on releasing the tension accumulated in everyday life.
Meridians in the tissue are loosened and re-energized with gentle, flowing strokes.
In the local language, Lomi Lomi Nui means "rubbing-pressing"

  • approx. 55 minutes: 95 €


Bluphoria massages

Full Body „Lotusblüte"

The Bluphoria massage with the body scrub, body lotion and face mask from the lotus blossom range not only offers physical relief, but also creates a sensual atmosphere for body and mind. The products pamper the skin with pure natural cosmetics and valuable extracts. Let the gentle touch and the special scent of orange, tonka bean and lavender whisk you away to a world of total relaxation.

  • approx. 55 minutes: 95€

*For all massages we use vegan, fragrance-free, preservative-free oil. Extra-neutral, also suitable for particularly sensitive skin, as well as the hair.


Relax with a soothing massage in our massage oasis together with your favorite person. Our couple massages offer you a special feel-good experience and a wonderful time for two. Applications that are also offered as a couple massage have been marked by us for you.

You can book your massage appointment directly on site or in advance via our online shop. Please note that a valid online ticket is required to reserve a massage appointment. After ordering your online ticket, simply follow the massage booking link in your order confirmation and reserve your massage appointment.

We recommend that you reserve your desired massage as early as possible. Of course, we also allocate appointments at short notice according to availability. Please inform the therapist of your personal concerns so that he/she can adjust to you and your body individually.

Please arrive about 15 minutes before your treatment at the Massage Oasis (guests from the "Vitaltherme & Sauna") or at the guest service counter (guests from the "Palmenparadies").

Massage appointments that have already been booked can be cancelled up to 2 days before arrival. Rebooking is currently not possible. All information in this regard can be found here.

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